Friday, December 7, 2007

A Fiesta of Flavor

Today I have had the privilege of enjoying a fulfilling lunch at Taco Bell. You've probably heard that wherever the truck drivers eat is where you will find good food. While I didn't see any truck drivers during my visit today, I did see some day laborers. When I add this to the fact that Taco Bell's parent company is "Yum! Brands, Inc", I knew I was in for a culinary treat.

All items on the menu were arranged in preselected food groups, presumably designed to pair up the best combinations. I chose the "Crunchwrap Supreme" and regular taco. The name "Crunchwrap" gives no indication of it's contents, nor does the word "Supreme". I searched but did not find anything on the menu named "Crunchwrap Regular", so I assume that was out of season.

I will have to give them a failing grade on presentation. My Crunchwrap Supreme was wrapped up in a piece of paper and placed in a plastic bag, along with the accompanying taco. However, it quickly became apparent that this was not your usual fancy sit-down restaurant. Finding a table at this restaurant was an impossible task. Yet another indication that this was The Place To Be. I made a note to call ahead for reservations on my next visit.

Now, about the beverages. They make no pretense that the meal will be paired with the appropriate drink. The 'waitress' just handed me a plastic cup, grunted, and pointed towards the beverage dispenser. Why grunting? Assuming again, but probably due to the multi-lingual patrons and the desire to not offend anyone by speaking the wrong language. I will take this as a considerate gesture.

On to the beverage selection. I chose the "Pepsi over ice" to accompany my meal. It had strong notes of sweet cola flavor, and a watery-sugary finish which nicely complimented the Crunchwrap (a beany-saucy concoction which turned out to be an arrangement of ingredients very similar to everything else on the menu). The focal point being the "wrap", as a manner of presentation.

Overall I enjoyed my meal, and shall return again - with reservations.

mmmm Tasty

Thank you Tracy for setting up this blog. This will be the premiere destination for hungry folk on a budget from all over the country, someday. Perhaps.

I am Greg, aka Catscape, aka Chef Greg. My knowledge of good food goes way back to the mid 60's when I encountered my first McDonald's restaurant. I was so mesmerized by the illuminated golden arches, and the happy clown persuading me to try his McNuggets, that I really didn't care how the food tasted - it was FUN, and that was all it needed to be. I would later discover the pure bliss that is known as the "Happy Meal", with the amazing plastic toys designed to distract me just long enough for mom to 'enjoy' a little peace and quiet while she ate.

As I grew in knowledge and taste, I soon discovered a whole world of plastic shiny food-like products being pitched by everyone from clowns to kings. Ahh, the food of plastic-faced kings. It must be good.