Friday, December 7, 2007

mmmm Tasty

Thank you Tracy for setting up this blog. This will be the premiere destination for hungry folk on a budget from all over the country, someday. Perhaps.

I am Greg, aka Catscape, aka Chef Greg. My knowledge of good food goes way back to the mid 60's when I encountered my first McDonald's restaurant. I was so mesmerized by the illuminated golden arches, and the happy clown persuading me to try his McNuggets, that I really didn't care how the food tasted - it was FUN, and that was all it needed to be. I would later discover the pure bliss that is known as the "Happy Meal", with the amazing plastic toys designed to distract me just long enough for mom to 'enjoy' a little peace and quiet while she ate.

As I grew in knowledge and taste, I soon discovered a whole world of plastic shiny food-like products being pitched by everyone from clowns to kings. Ahh, the food of plastic-faced kings. It must be good.

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